Please note that this plateform hosts:

  1. The Civic Learning Programme of the Undergraduate College (2017-2020)

  2. Online exams organized at different levels of the Sciences Po curriculum

The Civic Learning Programme online workspace

Civic engagement is a fundamental pillar of the Undergraduate curriculum offered on the College's seven campuses of the College (Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers et Reims).

The purpose of this online platform is to support you in the design, implementation and development of a personal project during the three years of study, including the Capstone Thesis of the Bachelor degree. This online space is designed to enable you to carry out a series of actions essential to validating your Civic Learning Programme and to obtaining your Bachelor degree in an autonomous, diligent and punctual manner, respecting the various deadlines. You will find here all the information documents and pedagogical materials available to assist you in the preparation of the various assignments. Documents include the charter, the writing guides, the programme, timeline schedule and administrative procedures. You will also be expected to engage in discussion with your faculty advisor to define the overall direction of the academic content of your personal project and the various written assignments. This platform will also allow your campus coordinator for the Civic Learning Programme to follow your progress and advise you in the implementation of your project.